1. Our Company is the pioneer in introducing the MMMLS or better known as Minimum Material for Maximum Living Space Concept to Sri-Lanka. this Concept is Design Registered for the use of a “Reusable Mold System”. This concept engages a Fiber-Glass Mold to Fill in Concrete and build the world’s most indestructible Dome House. The Dome House concept uses no timber or (0) Timber in its entire construction system thereby saving between 8 to 12 Trees from our Forestry every time we build a Dome House! Dome houses are known to have the ability to withstand all natural disasters such as Landslides, Cyclones, Earth Tremors, Floods or Tsunami, Fire, Wild Elephant attacks, Bombs and even Gunfire! Research has proved that those who live in Dome Houses are in the best of their health with a slow ageing process. All Dome House dwellers look young even in their old age.
  2. Dome Houses are built in 8 sizes, 4 single story and 4 Twin story Domes. Besides Dome Houses our community has chosen to use the Domes for many other purposes such as shelter for Classrooms, Montessori schools, Beauty salons, Grocery shops, Pastry outlets, Meat shops, TV and Three wheel Repair shops, Pharmaceutical outlets and many other uses.
  3. Other future uses which may engage Dome Structures are Storage domes for granary, vegetables like potatoes, big onions, lentils, Fertilizer, Sugar and many other storage purposes mainly because it slows down the perishing process. Domes are known to resist all types of bugs such as ants’ centipedes, spiders, cockroaches, beetles, termites and even rats.



  1. Our Company is the Pioneer to manufacture Fiber-Glass Doors & Windows and we possess two “Patents”. Fiber-Glass Doors and Windows, simulate 32 varieties of Wood grains such as Teak, Mahogany, Rosewood, Birch, Ash wood, Pines, Walnut etc. The doors come in many strength varieties such as Bullet-Proof doors, Impact Resistant doors generally used for Hospital Operating Theaters, Fire Doors with a 2 Hour 17 Minute Fire Rating carved and Paneled Doors for domestic use. Our doors have 10 distinct advantages over Timber and is maintenance free for life.
  2. Fiber-Glass Pilasters simulating 22 varieties of Granite. These are used as entrance ways with arched or straight designs. We manufacture them in the square and round pillars.
  3. Rock Wall claddings simulating all types of Granite and Slate.
  4. Fiber-Glass mobile collapsible Offices generally used as site offices and site shelter for outdoor personnel.
  5. Fiber-Glass House and Dome house molds. This enables the construction companies to cast their concrete designs fast saving labor hours.