Price List of Duncco Lanka Dome Houses.

Dome House



350 Sq foot single bed room dome house 1 Perch Rs. 1,000,000/=
550 Sq foot twin bed room twin story dome douse 1 Perch Rs. 1,850,000/=
500 Sq foot twin bed room dome house 1.8 Perch Rs. 1,750,000/=
750 Sq foot four bed room twin story dome house 1.8 Perch Rs. 2,800,000/=
750 Sq foot Twin bed room dome house 2.7 Perch Rs.2,500,000/=
1,125 Sq foot four bed room twin story dome house 2.7 Perch Rs.3,450,000/=
850 Sq foot three bed room dome house. (semi luxury) red cement 3.1 Perch Rs.3,300,000/=
1,250 Sq foot four bed room twin story dome house (full luxury) 3.1 Perch Rs. 6,250,000/=
  • We are compelled to charge Rs.20,000/= for a site visit.
  • All Prices are subject to change without notice to keep in line with the current inflation rates. This may not apply to all those who have already paid up 50% advance payments to book their respective Dome Houses.


Dunwik WHY?

  1. 5 times fire resistant when compared to a timber door.
  2. 10 times scratch resistant when compared to a timber door.
  3. Wrap proof.
  4. Insect or termite proof.
  5. Does not contract or expand due to weather fluctuations.
  6. Free from mould or fungi.
  7. Free from stains.
  8. Color will never change or fade due to weather.
  9. Sound proof
  • Maintenance free for life. Just clean with a wet rag when dirty.


It may be difficult to imagine a door, window or window frame made of fiber-glass especially when it comes in the various wood grains like Teak, Mahogany, Oak, Rosewood, Walnut and ever. Chestnut, besides having it in the conventional designs such as Colonist Coventry, Clermont, Classique and even carved Victorian doors but with a process called inlaying it is possible to produce any profile you may require to split accuracy. By so doing “dunwik” doors have brought down the cost of the traditionally deforesting comprehensive production process to a matter of minutes system without FELLING YET ANOTHER TREE.

Many of the physical and structural properties that made fiber-glass attractive for the use in vehicles and boats and even aircrafts explain its desirability as a door, window and relevant frame material.

Varies with the cross section or the profiles but is comparable to that of wood, plywood or aluminum and can be used in similar applications with a better all-round resistance to harsh weather conditions

“dunwik” is renowned for its ultra-low thermal co-efficiency. “dunwik” fiber-Glass door, Window and frame perform as if made with a single material. This translates in a no-warp even in the most severe climatic conditions and the user will appreciate the reliable open close operation and proper seal regardless of the weather.

“dunwik” Fiber-Glass doors and windows have ranked high rating as thoroughly energy efficient products without thermal break or added insulation. The product had displayed excellent condensation resistance as they are to the best choice for the energy conscious user, practically as an alternate option in high-rise buildings where only aluminum windows should meet the structural strength but not today’s thermal efficiency requirements, while Fiber-Glass can satisfy both.

For over forty years Fiber-Glass boats have been exposed to extreme corrosive marine environment and have proven their superiority over all other materials. Greater long levity can be expected by “dunwik” doors, windows and relevant frames even in the worst climatic expo, um. Furthermore, UN. stabilized Gel-Coat with excellent fade resistant characteristics not only adds weathering resilience but also offers ultimate self-colors and wood grains to choose from.

Save for the occasional wash to remove the atmospheric grime, “dunwik” Fiber-Glass doors and windows should require no maintenance through their impressive life span.

U.S. and Canadian standards are among the most demanding and comprehensive in the world and “dunwik” meets and exceeds all structural and thermal require­ments.

Ours is a company in world that has conducted research for over 41 years (since 1979) and found the most effective inlay technique PATENTED to produce doors, windows and frames of any designs you can imagine in any color or any WOOD-GRAIN. We are capable of producing from the lightest Toilet Door to the worlds strongest BULLET PROOF DOOR.

“dunwik” doors and frames comes to you with the pre-cast voids required for fixing hinges and locks, so that it can cut down your time in installation_ Since the sizes and locks and hinges vary in sizes and dimensions we recommend that you send us samples of the ironmongeries you intend to fix so that we can cast it with the required accuracy for fitting them.

All “dunwik” doors are 10 times scratch resistant when compared to finish to timber doors. However negligent handling on the part of the installer may occur and result in scratching or chopping. Every “dunwik” door comes to you with a sachet of Gel Coat pigment to suit eh color of the door; every door comes with four corner shoes to prevent negligent damages. Do not remove shoes until you fit in the door.





Fiberglass Entranceways