“is committed to provide customers with advanced technologically and eco friendly products that combine durability and performance with beauty and value.”


“is to understand, anticipate, analyze customer needs and satisfy them with innovative and integrated approach together with a social responsibility.”


Duncan Wickramasinghe

The inventor Mr. Duncan Wickramasinghe has been a past veteran in the Hospitality industry possessing many Diplomas from the Hospitality Institutions of USA and, having converted his energies into inventions, is launching this Dome House Concept after 40 Years of Research & Development. While all the other Dome houses the world over uses Timber or Aluminum doors & windows, he has introduced his “Patented” Fiber-Glass doors & windows into his concept thereby increasing the endurance lifespan of the Domes he builds. Dome houses are known the World over for its endurance capabilities with proven tests against Tornadoes, Cyclones, Earth Tremors, Fire, Floods or Tsunami, Landslides, Wild Elephant Attacks, Gunfire, Dynamites, Grenades and even Bombs. While all other conventional structure age is measured in decades’ dome house age is measured in centuries. Duncco Lanka Domes with its  ”Dunwik” brand name gives its dome house  client a “50 year Guarantee” mainly because it does not use any sort of perishable materials like timber in its construction. In fact, we save between 8 to 12 trees every time we build a Dome House.

Vidakshi Wickramasinghe

Pasqualge Dona Dashala Vidakshi Therese Wickramasinghe studied at Good Shepherd Convent Kotehena Colombo 13. Having passed her Advance Level Examination she followed a Diploma Course In Business Matters at the British Council Colombo and passed out as the first in lass in her examinations. She then joined her father’s Business as a trainee supervisor for 10 years. She resigned from her post of Production Executive and Joined K R S Advertising with a view to learn the disciplines of Advertising. Having worked there for three years, she joined K J Security Services and worked as a secretary to the Chief Security Consultant for another 3 years. Having resigned from there she joined Ceylon Oxygen as a Compliance manager and gained 3 years’ experience in handling customers ’with courtesy. Finally she rejoined her father’s Company as a Director Fiber-Glass operations and controls her father’s Patented Fiber-Glass door Window production line.

Vinnol Wikramasinghe

Pasquwalge Don Dushmitha Vinnol Rajitha Wikramasinghe studied at St’ Benedict’s College Kotehena Colombo 13.  He was the Bell Ringer of his College as he was always punctual to school. After passing his Advance Level examinations in Science he was employed at the Hilton Colombo as a trainee in the Hospitality industry. Three years later he passed out as an Executive Officer in Hospitality Management. Two years later he left to Bahrain as the Executive in charge of the Food & Beverage department. Having worked at the Dragon Hotel Bahrain for 5 years he returned to his father’s Company as Director Overall Operations. Vinnol is an exceptionally talented individual with knowledge in all the spheres of both operations such as Fiber-Glass Door Window Mold fabrications and a thorough knowledge of Dome Mold making and the execution of Dome House construction. He stands as the best substitute in the absence of his father. He is a man of few words and plenty of action!